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How I use Piracetam Nootropil

  • I first tried Piracetam aka Nootropil about 3 years ago after reading about it in the revolutionary book "Smart Drugs II".
  • Piracetam is subtle and its effect is gradual. After using it for a couple weeks I didn't initially notice how it was helping me until I abruptly stopped using it. I felt the difference within days.
  • I feel healthy and proactive while on piracetam. Colors and sounds are a bit more vivid, and my powers of visualization are concentrated. I'm also more creative and think more outside the box.
  • The great thing about Piracetam is that although we're not quite sure how it works, it does, and there's no known lethal dose in humans ie. it's safer than taking aspirin.
  • You can get nootropil / piracetam in powder or pill form. The advantage of pills is you don't taste it. But powder piracetam is cheaper but tastes yucky! Still, I typically buy powders 'cause they're so cheap, and mix my scoops in grape or apple juice to mask the taste.
  • Your dose will come written on the side of your piracetam container.

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